Project Mexico Volunteers Needed

We are pleased to announce an opportunity to encourage and support the humanitarian missions of Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage in northern Mexico—and in so doing to assist in the important work of Colorado neighbors. We are looking for volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves, take out their checkbooks, or both.

A little background: Since 1988, Project Mexico has been building safe, secure and weather-tight homes for impoverished families in Northern Mexico. Every home is constructed over the course of four days and built entirely with volunteer labor. Once complete, these homes are gifted so that these families can build a brighter future with a roof over their heads.

St. Innocent Orphanage is located near Rosarito, Mexico. St. Innocent Orphanage was founded in 1996, by Greg Yova, to provide a home for orphaned teenage boys. This home surpasses the basic needs of the boys and provides them with spiritual direction, a public education enhanced by private tutoring, athletics and extra-curricular activities and most importantly, tremendous amounts of love from all of the staff and volunteers.

When volunteers come together to build a home through Project Mexico they typically camp at the orphanage, where they come together in Christian fellowship and they are blessed to interact and worship with the remarkable young men whose lives are being transformed at St. Innocent Orphanage.

We had hoped to recruit a team from St. Nicholas to participate in this experience.

However, COVID-19 has altered the way Project Mexico operates its ministry. The US/Mexico border remains closed to non-essential personnel. Because of the risk posed to the children in care at the Orphanage, the staff, and the local community in Rosarito, Project Mexico cannot safely host large groups of homebuilders on site at this time.

They are nonetheless continuing their work this summer. Through prayer, service and works of mercy—at locations throughout the United States, they will honor their commitment to the boys at St. Innocent Orphanage, the food and resource-deprived families in Northern Mexico, and vital ministries north of the US/Mexico border.

One such opportunity is at the Orthodox Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Laurence, right here in Colorado. Located in the wilderness at Tallahassee Creek, near Cañon City, the St Laurence Monastery is a refuge of unspoiled nature to witness the majesty of God’s creation.

Volunteers will help beautify the grounds, landscaping, painting, monastery building projects, renovation of interior spaces and prepare the site for seasonal maintenance while enjoying the solitude and glory of the natural setting.

We can’t send a team to Rosarita Mexico, but we think we can make it to Cañon City. Won’t you join us for a 4-day retreat of prayer, service, and work? You will be housed at the monastery—or you may camp. You will work hard, pray hard, be challenged to forge new friendships or deepen existing ones, all while providing financial assistance for the crucial work that Project Mexico is doing.

The dates are June 28 through July 1. The cost is $450 per person for 4 days. This includes room, board, and support for Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage.

Please contact Suzanne Bobo with any questions you may have. If you possess one iota of experience gardening, building, painting, praying, or encouraging we would love to have you on board.