Altar Servers at St. Nicholas

Serving in the altar and assisting the priest during the divine services is a blessing and a privilege. Altar servers make an invaluable contribution to the liturgical life of our Church. They ensure that the priest is able to conduct the services without becoming distracted by running around the altar to fetch things. They help everything to flow smoothly and efficiently, so that a prayerful attitude can be maintained throughout the service.

Altar servers assist the priest by carrying the Cross, candles and liturgical fans during processions and entrances. They light the censer and bring it to the priest at the right moments during the services. They hold the Communion cloth to make sure the Body and Blood of Christ do not spill during Holy Communion. All of this allows the priest to focus on prayer.

Both adults and children are welcome to serve in the altar. Any Orthodox male who is old enough to stand, remain focused, and take direction for the duration of the service can be an altar server. Please contact Fr. Jeremy if you or your children are interested in serving.