West Slope Holy Lands Pilgrimage 2024

"If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth;
if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy." - Psalm 136:6

We are excited to announce plans for a pan-Orthodox Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands on June 3-15, 2024!

This Pilgrimage is open to members of any Orthodox Christian parish in the Rocky Mountain West Slope region. We hope that this combined Pilgrimage will strengthen our relationships as members of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

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We are currently in the initial planning stages, and so the cost of the Pilgrimage and a finalized itinerary are not yet available. All transportation, hotel rooms, and meals will be included in the final cost.

The following is a tentative itinerary for the Pilgrimage:

Sunday, June 2:

  • Departure from Denver to Cairo (a typical late evening departure allows us to attend Divine Liturgy at our parishes that morning).

Monday, June 3:

  • Arrival in Cairo.
  • Reception and transfer to a Hotel in Cairo.

Tuesday, June 4:

  • Full Day visit of Cairo.

Wednesday, June 5:

  • Full Day visit to Alexandria.
  • Return to Cairo.    

Thursday, June 6:

  • Departure to Sinai through Suez and the Sinai desert.
  • Afternoon arrival at the Monastery of St. Catherine.
  • Check in at the Monastery Hostel or at a hotel in the area.

Friday, June 7:

  • Divine Liturgy at the Monastery.
  • Full Day visit of the Monastery premises.

Saturday, June 8:

  • Midnight ascent to the peak of Mount Sinai where the Prophet Moses received the 10 commandments (Optional).
  • Return to the Monastery and departure for Israel through Taba Borders.
  • Arrival in Bethlehem in the evening.
  • Check in at a Hotel in Bethlehem.
  • Midnight Divine Liturgy at the Holy Sepulchre – Optional

Sunday, June 9:

  • Sunday Liturgy at the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Visit the Church of the Resurrection
  • Path of Martyrdom
  • Hill of Zion
  • Gethsemane

Monday, June 10:

  • Full Day visit to the Bethlehem area.
  • Church of the Nativity
  • Monasteries of St. Sabba and St. Theodosius
  • Shepherds’ fields

Tuesday, June 11:

  • Full Day visit to the Jericho area.
  • Monasteries of St. George of Hozeva, Mt. of Temptation, St. Gerasimos the Jordanite
  • River Jordan

Wednesday, June 12:

  • Leavetaking of Pascha. Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Resurrection.
  • Visit to the Patriarchate Hall.
  • Free time in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • Visit to the New City and the Monasteries of the Holy Cross and St. Simeon.

Thursday, June 13:

  • Feast of the Ascension. Attendance of the Divine Liturgy on the Mount of Olives at the site of the Ascension of the Lord.
  • Departure to the Galilee region through Nablus.
  • Visit to the Monastery of St. Photini and Jacob’s well.
  • Check in at a Hotel in the Galilee area.

Friday, June 14:

  • Full Day visit of the Galilee region.
  • Mt. Tabor
  • Nazareth
  • Cana

Saturday, June 15:

  • Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport for the Final Departure.