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Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Grand Junction, Colorado

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (AD 73)
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (AD 1922)
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver (AD 1979)


The Blessing of Flowers, Herbs, and Seeds on the Feast of the Dormition

As grapes (and sometimes other fruit) are blessed on the Feast of Transfiguration, so flowers, herbs, seeds are blessed on the Feast of the Assumption.

You may bring flowers, herbs, or seeds to be blessed after the Divine Liturgy on Friday morning, August 15. All of you gardeners, why not bring a small basket with some of your seeds and or bulbs to be blessed for the next planting season?

The prayer for blessing these is as follows:
    “Lord God almighty, Who fills all things according to Your word, Who commanded the earth to bring forth every fruit in its season and Who gave it to man for gladness and for life: all-good Master, bless and sanctify by Your Holy Spirit, these flowers / herbs / seeds which are brought into this holy temple. Cleanse from every defilement these Your servants who brought them, and who take them to their homes; fill their homes with every good fragrance, that for all who keep and who preserve them these may become: for the deliverance from every assault of enemies; for the banishment from every illusion which comes through the action of the devil, whether by day or night; for the blessing of souls and bodies of Your faithful people; and for the blessing of their cattle and domestic animals, their houses, and other places. May all who take these flowers / herbs / seeds receive protection of souls and bodies, and may the healing mystery of Your grace be for our salvation. And, in whatever location these may be placed, or wherever they may be used, let them be received as a blessing; and may Your right hand shelter that location, driving away from it every adverse power, to the glory of Your most-holy, majestic and worshipped name. Amen.”
The intent, obviously, is to bless these similarly to the blessing of Holy Water. They are for us to bring home as a “blessing,” as holy things that sanctify us and our homes. Moreover, the seeds are blessed to be mixed in with other seed that will sown later on to bless the future crop. It was traditional in ages past for farmers to bring a portion of their seed to be blessed on this date.

This, again, teaches us that Christ came to save all of creation, and it points to the future “new heavens and new earth.”

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